Fringed Leaf Rhododendron
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Fringed Leaf Rhododendron
ative Photo: Ratna Ghosh
Common name: Fringed Leaf Rhododendron
Botanical name: Rhododendron ciliatum    Family: Ericaceae (Blueberry family)

Fringed Leaf Rhododendron is a small shurb, often found spread on rocks. Flowers are borne in clusers of 2-4 widely funnel-shaped white flowers, flushed with pink. The flowers gradually fade to white. They are 3.5-5 cm long, with bristly flower stalks. Flower tube is wide, with 5 notched overlapping petals. Sepals are 5 and stamens 10. Elliptic leaves, 5-9 cm long, have prominently bristly-hairy margins and are scaly beneath. The shurb is much branched, and grows up to 2 m tall. Young shoots, leaves, leaf-stalks are all bristly-haired. Fringed Leaf Rhododendron is found in the Himalayas, from E. Nepal to SE Tibet, at altitudes of 2700-3900 m. Flowering: May-June.

Identification credit: Ratna Ghosh Photographed at Yumthang Valley, Sikkim.

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