Flax Lily
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Flax Lily
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Flax lily, Tasman flax-lily, Tasmanian flax-lily
Botanical name: Dianella tasmanica     Family: Liliaceae (Lily family)
Synonyms: Dianella tasmanica var. variegata, Dianella hookeri

Flax Lily is an attractive, strappy herbaceous plant which grows to 1-7 ft high and wide, with a thick spreading rhizome under the ground. The green linear keeled leaves have finely toothed margins, and may reach 3 ft in length and 1.5-4 cm wide, They can also be variegated. The small, 1.5 cm across, lavender blue flowers, with prominent brown tipped golden anthers, bloom in spring and summer and are followed by small roughly oval or globular violet berries are about 1.2 cm in diameter. The plant is good as a container plant. A very strong silky fibre is obtained from the leaves. The leaves are also used in making baskets.

Identification credit: Tabish, Radhika Vatsan Photographed in cultivation in Delhi & Goa.

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