Flattened Eulophia
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Flattened Eulophia
P Native Photo: Amber Srivastava
Common name: Flattened Eulophia
Botanical name: Eulophia explanata    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Graphorkis explanata, Lissochilus explanatus

Flattened Eulophia is as a small sized, warm growing orchid growing on trees, with an ovoid, annulated pseudobulb carrying immature at flowering, lanceshaped becoming broadly elliptic-lanceshaped, tapering, pleated, 7 veined leaves. Leaves are tapering below into the stalked. The plant blooms in the spring on a 50-65 cm long, laxly many flowered inflorescence with 2, loose, basal sheaths and shorter than the ovary floral bracts. Flattened Eulophia is found in the western Himalayas, India and Nepal at elevations around 850-900 m.
Medicinal uses: Pseudobulb of Flattened Eulophia, crushed with pepper and garlic, is applied in wounds and is used in impotence and other sexual disorders.

Identification credit: Amber Srivastava Photographed in Hathinala, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh.

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