Five-Angled Pipewort
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Five-Angled Pipewort
A Native Photo: Mayur Nandikar
Common name: Five-Angled Pipewort
Botanical name: Eriocaulon quinquangulare    Family: Eriocaulaceae (Pipewort family)
Synonyms: Sphaerochloa quinquangularis

Five-Angled Pipewort is a slender clustered annual herb up to 20 cm tall. Leaves are up to 6 x 0.6 cm, curved, tapering, hairless. Flower-cluster-stalks are numerous, 10-30 cm high, threadlike, 5-6 ribbed, sheath up to 5 cm long, limb small. Head 6 x 5 mm, ovoid; involucral bracts 2 x 2 mm, obovate, toothed at tip, straw-coloured; floral bracts 2.5 x 1.2 mm, wedge-shaped, abruptly tapering, black, hairless. Female sepals are 3, equal, linear, sparsely hairy, black; petals linear-oblong, hairy, hyaline, glandulose; seeds oblong, appendages entire or cut up into rectangular strips on transverse walls. Male sepals black, united into a split sheath, minutely hairy, lobes flat; petal equal, hairy; anthers black. Five-Angled Pipewort is found in Assam; Bangladesh; India; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Vietnam. It is found throughout Eastern Ghats and in lower Himalaya.

Identification credit: Mayur Nandikar, Ashutosh Sharma Photographed in Dandeli, Karnataka & Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

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