Feltbush Kalanchoe
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Feltbush Kalanchoe
P Introduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Feltbush Kalanchoe, Elephant's ear kalanchoe, Felt bush
Botanical name: Kalanchoe beharensis    Family: Crassulaceae (Sedum family)
Synonyms: Kalanchoe vantieghemii

Feltbush Kalanchoe is an evergreen shrub, 3-5 ft tall. The stem is about 5 ft long, slender and knotted. Leaves are olive green, triangular-lanceshaped shaped, decussately arranged (pairs at right-angles to each other) with leaf margins that are doubly rounded toothed (crinkled). Each leaf is about 10 cm long and 5-10 cm wide. The undersides of the leaves are hairless, and covered with a woolly hair towards the tip. The leaf hairs are brown, and the tips of the teeth are darker. The hairs on the stem, younger leaves, and leaf-stalks are white. Flowers are borne in 50-60 cm high open cluster, forming a branched corymb. Flowers are on short flower-stalks. The sepal-cup is 7 mm long with sepals that are oblong and tapering. The flower tube is urn-shaped and 7 mm long. Flowers are small and greenish or yellowish white. Feltbush Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar, cultivated elsewhere as a succulent plant.

Identification credit: Aarti Khale Photographed in cultivation in Delhi.

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