English Oak
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English Oak
ntroduced Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: English Oak, pedunculate oak, truffle oak • Oriya: mayaphala • Tamil: macakkay, mayakkay
Botanical name: Quercus robur    Family: Fagaceae (Beech family)

English oak is a majestic deciduous tree, up to 42 m tall, with a wide spreading crown, up to 24 m. The trunk is short and sturdy, with deeply fissured gray brown bark. Leaves are small, 3-5 in long, with 3-7 pairs of rounded lobes, and extremely short leaf-stalks. They remain deep green long into autumn before turning brown and then persisting on the tree well into winter. The typical oak flowers are hanging catkins which appear with the emerging leaves in early spring. The acorns are elongate, about 1 in long, with a cup that covers 1/3 of the nut. They are borne singly or in clusters of 2-5 which dangle on a single long 1-4 in stalk (peduncle). English oak can be distinguished from the similar North American species, white oak (Q. alba), by its leaves which have earlike lobes on the bases and extremely short petioles. English Oak is native to Europe, West Asia and N. Africa. It is cultivated in Kashmir.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh
Photographed in Kashmir.
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