Elm-Leaf Blackberry
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Elm-Leaf Blackberry
aturalized Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Elm-Leaf Blackberry, Thornless Blackberry
Botanical name: Rubus ulmifolius    Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

Elm-Leaf Blackberry is a scrambling shrub. Stems are low-arching and interlacing, distinctly whitish becoming reddish, sharply angled. Stems have few to many stout, erect to slightly hooked prickles on angles. Young stems are velvety. Leaves are compound with 5 leaflets, which are almost smooth on the upper surface, dense whitish on the underside, with toothed margins. Central leaflet is oblong to narrow-obovate, long-pointed, 3-8 x 2-5 cm, with stalk 1/3-2/5 length of the blade. Stipules are linear. Inflorescence is densely hairy with glands. Sepals are long-pointed, velvety and with very few, longer, simple hairs, usually without but sometimes with prickles. Petals rounded, strongly crinkled, bright pink. The fruit is a blackberry. Elm-Leaf Blackberry is native to Europe and Africa, naturalized in Kashmir.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Kashmir.

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