East Indian Mallow
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East Indian Mallow
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: East Indian Mallow, Jute, West African mallow • Hindi: Chonch, Hade-ka-khet • Manipuri: ꯂꯤꯃꯣꯟ Limon • Telugu: Kajati, Kalasa, నేల బెర Nela bera, పట్ట patta • Kannada: Chanchu gida • Bengali: Tita Pat • Gujarati: ચુંચ Chunch • Sanskrit: चुञ्चु chunchuh
Botanical name: Corchorus aestuans    Family: Tiliaceae (Falsa family)
Synonyms: Corchorus acutangulus

East Indian Mallow is a common annual in waste lands from sea level to 2000 m, in plains and hills, throughout India. It is a small herb or suffruticose plant with erect, sparingly branched stems to about 40 cm tall. Ovate, acute, green leaves have serrated margins. Yellow flowers 1-3 in clusters, very shortly stalked, very small, leaf-opposed. The flowers 5 sepals and 5 yellow petals 5 2-3 mm long. Capsule is hexagonal-cylindric. Flowering: August-October.

Identification credit: Dinesh Valke Photographed at Vaghbil, Thane, Maharashtra.

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