Double-Yoked Rock-Cress
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Double-Yoked Rock-Cress
ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Double-Yoked Rock-Cress
Botanical name: Arabis bijuga    Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard family)
Synonyms: Arabis macrantha, Arabidopsis mollissima var. griffithiana,

Double-Yoked Rock-Cress is perennial herb up to 40 cm tall, erect, densely covered with short stalked stellate hairs, with few simple ones. Basal leaves are in a rosette, obovate-spatulate to oblanceolate on up to 5 cm long petiole, margin dentate or entire, upper ones are stalkless, eared at base and narrower. Flowers are white, in long ebracteate raceme, elongating in fruit, fruiting pedicels diverging, up to 2.5 cm long; sepals oblong, 4-5 mm long; petals white or pinkish, usually 1.2-1.5 cm long, in diverging pairs. Fruit is 3-6 cm long, about 1 mm broad, hairless. Double-Yoked Rock-Cress is found in NW Himalayas, at altitudes of 2400-3000 m. Flowering: April-June.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh
Photographed in Qazi Gund, Kashmir.
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