Doormat Lovegrass
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Doormat Lovegrass
P Native Photo: Ankush Dave
Common name: Doormat Lovegrass • Nepali: चुपी Chupi
Botanical name: Eragrostiella nardoides    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Eragrostis nardoides, Poa nardoides, Catapodium nepalense

Doormat Lovegrass is an annual or perennial clustered grass, forming rhizomes or runners. Leaves are borne in basal, vegetative shoots and inserted distichously along stems. Leaves are usually linear; sheath open or closed, with a commonly membranous ligule at junction with base of blade. Stem is herbaceous or woody, jointed, internodes usually hollow. Flower-racemes are single, erect, unilateral, 14-19 cm long; 2.5-5 mm wide. Spikelet packing broadside to rhachis; crowded. Spikelets ascending; solitary. Fertile spikelets stalkless, elliptic, or oblong; laterally compressed; 8-9 mm long; 2-2.5 mm wide. Doormat Lovegrass is native to East Himalaya, India, Nepal, West Himalaya, at altitudes of 100-1800 m.

Identification credit: Manoj Chandran Photographed in Bayana, Rajasthan.

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