Crimson River Lily
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Crimson River Lily
P Introduced Photo: Anil Thakur
Common name: Crimson River Lily, Crimson flag lily, Kaffir Lily
Botanical name: Hesperantha coccinea    Family: Iridaceae (Iris family)
Synonyms: Schizostylis coccinea, Schizostylis ixioides, Schizostylis pauciflora

Crimson River Lily is a semi-evergreen perennial growing up to 2 ft tall, with slender lanceshaped leaves up to 40 cm long and 1 cm broad. The flowers are red, occasionally pink or white, 3.0-3.5 cm long, with six petals. The flowers are borne, 4-10, on leafless, gladiolus-like, one-sided spikes, up to 2 ft tall, which rise from a clump of narrow linear grass-like basal leaves. Crimson River Lily is native to damp meadows and stream banks in South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. It is cultivated as a garden plant elsewhere.

Identification credit: Anil Thakur Photographed in cultivation in Shimla.

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