Creeping Cinquefoil
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Creeping Cinquefoil
ative Photo: Anzar Khuroo
Common name: Creeping Cinquefoil, European cinquefoil, Five Fingers, Five-leaf Grass
Botanical name: Potentilla reptans    Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

Creeping Cinquefoil is a perennial plant with creeping habit. It has palmate leaves, with five leaflets and toothed margins. Flowers are borne on long stalks 1-2 cm long. They are bright-yellow, 1.5-2 cm across, with five heart shaped petals. Flowers have false sepals outside the true sepals, like all Potentilla species. The butterfly known as the Grizzled Skipper is known to favour this plant. Flowering: June-October.
Medicinal uses: Creeping Cinquefoil is a very powerful herb with astringent, antiseptic and tonic properties. It is used for various disorders including mouth ailments, fevers, skin problems, and digestive complaints. Used internally, Creeping Cinquefoil can be very helpful in cases of diarrhea, gastritis and uterine hemorrhaging. Used externally, it can be added to baths and used for different skin problems, such as sores and rashes. It is also used in skin lotions and anti-wrinkle creams. Remedies made from Cinquefoil can also be very beneficial in cases of fractures and chronic osteoporosis.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Kashmir.

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