Commelina-Leaf Habenaria
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Commelina-Leaf Habenaria
ative Photo: Pankaj Kumar
Common name: Commelina-Leaf Habenaria • Marathi: कोमल अमरी Komal-amri
Botanical name: Habenaria commelinifolia    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Orchis stylosanthes, Orchis commelinifolia, Platanthera commelinifolia

Commelina-Leaf Habenaria is a terrestrial orchid found in the Himalayas, from W. Himalayas to parts of SE Asia, at altitudes of 375 m. It is also found in Western Ghats. It is a terretrial herb growing up to 40-75 cm tall. Leaves are alternately arranged on the stem, becoming smaller upwards, merging into bracts, 6-20 cm long, oblong, lance-shaped, with white or yellow margins. Bracts are 3-4 cm long, stem-clasping. Flowers are borne in a dense spike 10-20 cm long, greenish-white. Sepals and petals are 6-12 mm long, white. Lip is white, 3-lobed. Lateral lobes are 3 cm long, thread-like; midlobe is 2 cm longm narrowly linear. The curved spur is 5-6 cm long. Flowering: September.

Identification credit: Pankaj Kumar
Photographed in Ranchi, Jharkhand.
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