Climbing Snapdragon
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Climbing Snapdragon
P Introduced Photo: S. Kasim
Common name: Climbing Snapdragon, Snapdragon Vine, Creeping Snapdragon, Twining Snapdragon, Figwort
Botanical name: Maurandya scandens    Family: Plantaginaceae (Isabgol family)
Synonyms: Asarina scandens, Maurandya semperflorens

Climbing Snapdragon is a popular, woody-based, tender perennial that typically grows up to 6-9 ft tall on twisting and twining stems which climb up through shrubs or small trees or other supports. They can also gracefully droop from hanging baskets or over walls. It is typically grown as a flowering annual which is replanted in spring each year. Stems are covered with arrowhead-shaped leaves, up to 4 cm long. Tubular, two-lipped, trumpet-shaped flowers, up to 5 cm long, come in a variety of different colors including rose pink, violet, pale and deep indigo blue or white. Flowers resemble flowers of Dog Flower. Climbing Snapdragon is native to Mexico and Central America.

Identification credit: S. Kasim Photographed in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

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