China Rose
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China Rose
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: China Rose, Chinese hibiscus • Hindi: Gurhal गुढ़ल • Manipuri: ꯖꯨꯕꯥ ꯀꯨꯁꯨꯝ জুবা কুসুম Juba kusum athonba • Kannada: ದಾಸವಾಳ Dasavala, ದಾಸಾಳ Daasaala • Malayalam: Chemparati • Tamil: செம்பருத்தி cembarutti • Marathi: Jaswand जासवंद • Konkani: Dosni Phool दोस्णि फुल • Mizo: Midumpangpar, Nuhlupi • Nepali: जपा कुसुम Japaa Kusum, रक्त पुष्पी Rakta Pushpee, बाह्रमासे फूल Baahramaase Phool, जप पुष्पी Japa Pushpee • Sanskrit: जपा Japaa, जवा Javaa
Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis     Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Nobody knows whether the hibiscus really is a native of China as its latin name, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, (rosa-sinensis = Chinese Rose) suggests or not. Many believe, it comes from India. This large shrub or small tree grows to 15 feet high. The toothed leaves are arranged alternately and vary a lot, but tend to be large, dark green, and shiny. This plant has a coarse texture and may be upright or broad and spreading. It is often many-stemmed. Flowers are glorious and huge at their best -- up to 6" in diameter -- and occur in many colors. Most are flared and have a bell shape and may be single or double, smooth or scalloped. They have a long central tube with stamens and pistils at the tip.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Lodhi Garden, Delhi

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