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aturalized Photo: Amit Kumar
Common name: Catweed, crofton weed, eupatory, hemp-agrimony, Mexican devil, sticky eupatorium, sticky snakeroot, white thoroughwort • Marathi: ओसाडी osadi • Malayalam: കമ്മുണിസ്റ്റ പച്ച kammunista pachcha • Nepali: बनमारा Banmara • Mizo: Bihar-hlo, Midum-hlo
Botanical name: Ageratina adenophora    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Eupatorium adenophorum, Eupatorium glandulosum

Native to Central America, Catweed is an erect, bushy, leafy, many-stemmed herb, growing to 2 m tall. It commonly occurs in disturbed areas. Leaves are opposite, soft, thin, shaped like a triangle or rhombus, with a toothed edge and conspicuous veins. They are dark green on the upper surface, lighter underneath, and may be slightly hairy; 4-12cm long, 3-9cm wide. Flowers profusely in spring and summer, producing dense clusters of white sticky hairy flowers, 5-8 mm in diameter, at the ends of the branchlets. Seed production is enormous - 10,000 to 100,000 per year when mature. The seeds are very small, light, brown to black, with a 4mm 'parachute' of white hairs, mid to late spring. Germination rates are high.

Identification credit: Tony from Sydney Photographed at FRI, Dehradun, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra & Sirmaur distt, Himachal Pradesh.

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