Caribbean Trumpet Tree
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Caribbean Trumpet Tree
ntroduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Caribbean Trumpet Tree, Silver Trumpet Tree, Yellow Tabebuia
Botanical name: Tabebuia aurea      Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)
Synonyms: Tabebuia caraiba, Bignonia aurea, Tecoma aurea

Beautiful blooming trees, the Tabebuias are small, 15 to 25-foot tall, evergreen trees with silvery foliage and deeply furrowed, silvery bark on picturesque, contorted branches and trunk. The crown is usually asymmetrical with two or three major trunks or branches dominating the crown. The leaves are narrow and elongated, an identifying feature of the tree. Sporadically throughout the year, they put on a brilliant display composed of a multitude of two to three-inch-long, golden yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms borne in terminal flower clusters. The leaves often drop just before the flowers appear. Even without the flowers this Tabebuia is a magnificent tree with its crooked trunk, corky bark, and silvery leaves. This Tabebuia is very easy to grow and bloom and its only drawback is its soft wood, making it very susceptible to damage during strong winds. Tabebuia caraiba can be also be grown in containers, specially small ones, which eventually can turn the tree into a large bonsai specimen.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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