Candy Corn Plant
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Candy Corn Plant
ative Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: Candy Corn Plant • Marathi: Wagati वागाटी, Wakeri वाकेरी • Tamil: Okkadikkodi, Pulinakkagondai • Kannada: ಗಜ್ಜಿಗಾಬಲ್ಲೀ Gajjigaballi
Botanical name: Moullava spicata    Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)
Synonyms: Wagatea spicata, Caesalpinia spicata

Candy Corn Plant is a large, robust climber, growing to 5-20 m long. The branches as armed with recurved prickles. The leaves are 20-30 cm long, double pinnate. Each leaf has 5-7 pairs of leaflets, each 3-5 cm long. Strikingly colorful flowers occur in dense spikes 30-60 cm long, at the end of branches. The sepals are scarlet and the petals are yellow. The flowers are about 1 cm long, and do not open fully. It has 10 stamens. The pods are 4-7 cm long, oblong and hard. Candy Corn Plant is native to Western Ghats.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale Photographed in Maharashtra.

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