Butt Mogra
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Butt Mogra
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Arabian Jasmine 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany', Butt mogra बत मोगरा (Hindi), அடுக்கு மல்லி Adukku Malli (Tamil)
Botanical name: Jasminum sambac var. 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany'    Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family)

Butt Mogra, a slow growing Jasmine but grandest of them all. This tall growing shrub has Gardenia type flowers as large as carnations. Due to certain phenomena the older plants seem to be even more fascinating in providing flowers of different shapes and sizes on the same plant at the same time. This plant loves partial shade and very well drained and moist soil. The flowers do not seem to drop off and in most cases will dry right on the plant. this is the plant used to flavor the jasmine tea and making perfumes. Perfect houseplant, takes both sun or shade, Butt mogra is a beautiful fragrant everbloomer for your home and garden.
Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Garden of Five Senses, Delhi.
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