Burmese Evergreen
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Burmese Evergreen
P Native Photo: Gary Thingnam
Common name: Burmese Evergreen, Chinese Evergreen, Oblong-Leaved Aglaonema
Botanical name: Aglaonema nitidum    Family: Araceae (Arum family)
Synonyms: Aglaonema integrifolium, Arum integrifolium, Calla nitida

Burmese Evergreen is a perennial herb with upright growth habit, reaching a height and spread of 60 cm. Large, alternate leaves are oblong to lanceshaped with entire leaf margin (smooth and not toothed or lobed) and tapering leaf tip (tapering to a sharp point). Leaves are mostly shiny white with green border and irregular markings in the popular cultivar 'Silver Queen', which tend to lie parallel with the lateral veins. The leaf underside is yellowish green. Flowers consist of a greenish spathe and white spadix. Burmese Evergreen is native to S. Indo-China to W. Malesia, cultivated widely as a houseplant.

Identification credit: Amrit Sekhar Photographed in cultivation in Imphal.

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