Bridal Veil
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Bridal Veil
ative Photo: Gita Arjun
Common name: Bridal Veil, Nodding Clerodendron, Wallich's glorybower, Nutan bleeding heart • Garo: Bolungre, Samapul • Khasi: Horrandieng, Jathang kaskei, Mei sohrandi • Mizo: Tratuba • Mizo: Phuihnam-hnah-sawl
Botanical name: Clerodendrum wallichii    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)
Synonyms: Clerodendrum nutans, Clerodendrum penduliflorum

Native to India, this graceful shrub grows up to 7 ft and has pointed narrow leaves 4-9 inches long. Pendulous white blooms hang down over this plant's shiny green leaves. A spectacular fall flowering shrub that is true to its name. The white flowers are held in loose panicles, which are more or less pendulous. Cascades of flowers remind one of the Golden Shower Tree. The flowers have the typical "bleeding heart" form. White flowers come out of a red sepal "heart", whereas in the Bleeding Heart Vine red flowers come out of a white sepal "heart". Flowers are white, with a tube 1.1 cm long, and petals ovate, 1.1-1.5 cm. Stamens and style protrude out. Fruiting sepal cup is red to purple, inflated, thickened. Fruits are yellow-green when young, black and shiny at maturity, round, 1-1.3 cm in diameter. Bridal Veil is native to NE India. Flowering: October-April.

Identification credit: Nandan Kalbag, Usharanjan Photographed in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

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