Bellflower Miliusa
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Bellflower Miliusa
E Native Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Bellflower Miliusa
Botanical name: Miliusa codonantha    Family: Annonaceae (Sugar-apple family)

Bellflower Miliusa is a tree with leaves narrowly elliptic-oblong, 4.5-14 x 1.5-3.8 cm, lower surface almost hairless to appressed-finely velvet-hairy, upper surface hairless, tip tapering, margin wavy, secondary veins 10-12 pairs. Midrib is prominetly raised below. Flowers are reddish, dangling singly in leaf-axils, on flower-stalk 3-3.5 cm long. Bracts are 2 or 3(or 4), falling off, (narrowly) triangular when observed, usually instead only a cluster of hairs and scars observed. Sepals are narrowly triangular, 8-9.8 x 3.1-3.5 mm, outside appressed-finely velvet-hairy, inside curly-velvety, margin finely velvet-hairy. Outer petals narrowly triangular-ovate, 7-8.5 x 2.9-3 mm, hairiness same as of sepals. Inner petals are tightly appressed from base to about 2⁄3 of their length at anthesis, elliptic-ovate, about 14.9 x 6.2 mm, tip considerably recurved upward at anthesis, broadly pointed. Torus is cylindrical. Stamens are about 53 per flower, about 1.2 mm long, carpels 11-14 per flower, 1.5-2.2 mm long; stigmas ellipsoid-cylindrical. Bellflower Miliusa is found in NE India, at altitudes of about 900-1200 m. Flowering: April-May.

Identification credit: Tabish, Surajit Koley Photographed in Leimaram, Manipur.

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