Barnes Habenaria
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Barnes Habenaria
P Native Photo: P.S. Sivaprasad
Common name: Barnes Habenaria
Botanical name: Habenaria barnesii    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)

Barnes Habenaria is a small terrestrial orchid with leaves up to 2.5 x 0.5 cm, oblong-lanceshaped, pointed. Flowers are borne in one-sided spikes. Bracts are 2.5 x 1 cm, hoodlike, leaf-like, almost concealing flowers. Flowers are greenish-yellow, about 2 cm across, somewhat resembling a cross. Dorsal sepal is 3.5 x 2 mm, ovate, blunt, 5-veined; lateral sepals 5 x 2.5 mm, sickle-shapedly ovate-lanceshaped, blunt, 5-veined. Petals are 4 x 1.5 mm, sickle-shapedly linear-lanceshaped, blunt, 2-veined; lip 1.0 x 1.5 cm, 3-lobed; lateral lobes linear; midlobe oblong, blunt; spur 1.5 cm long, cylindric, blunt, shorter than ovary. Barnes Habenaria is endemic to Southern Western Ghats. Flowering: August-September.

Identification credit: P.S. Sivaprasad Photographed in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.

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