Assam Dark-Flower
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Assam Dark-Flower
P Native Photo: Dipankar Borah
Common name: Assam Dark-Flower
Botanical name: Peliosanthes macrophylla var. assamensis    Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)

Assam Dark-Flower is an evergreen, perennial herb, 2-3 ft tall. The genus name Peliosanthes comes from the Greek pelios, meaning dusky or purple, and anthos, meaning flower. Flowers are dark colored, with tepals 5.5-6.5 x 3-4 mm. Staminal corona is 3-4 mm long, 3.5-5 mm in diameter, internally connivent proximally and protruding near the middle. Flowering stem, including flower-cluster-stalk and inflorescence axis, is up to 35 cm tall; flower-cluster-stalk 5-16.5 cm long, 2-5 mm thick, inflorescence axis up to 18 cm long. Stem is 3-4 cm in diameter. Roots are rigid, semi-woody, profusely branch­ed. Leaves are few to many, over 20. Assam Dark-Flower is found in semi-evergreen patches of Behali Reserve Forest of Assam, growing on the forest floor, in NE India, currenly only known from Assam. Flowering: March-April.

Identification credit: Dipankar Borah Photographed in Behali Reserve forest, Assam.

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