Andaman Climbing Orange
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Andaman Climbing Orange
P Native Photo: N Arun Kumar
Common name: Andaman Climbing Orange
Botanical name: Paramignya andamanica    Family: Rutaceae (Citrus family)

Andaman Climbing Orange is a climbing shrub with stem woody, cylindric, armed with slightly recurved, sharp, spines; branchlets finely velvet-hairy, soon becoming hairless; bark greenish, warty. Leaves are simple; stalks 8-20 mm long, twisted, leaves elliptic-oblong, rounded at base, somewhat pointed or tapering at tip, entire along margins, 8-20 x 3-8 cm, dark green and glossy above, pale greenish beneath, sweet-scented when bruised, leathery, glandular-dotted; gland dots very numerous, closely set; secondary nerves 6-12 pairs, prominent, spreading, netveined. Flowers, on slender stalks 1.5-3.5 cm long, in leaf-axils, are often in pairs, sometimes solitary, cylindric in bud, 1.2-2 x 3 cm, fragrant. Sepals are 5, blunt, 1-2 mm long, ciliolate along margins. Petals are 5, linear-oblong, blunt, 1.2-2 cm x 3-4 mm, glandular, hairless, white. Stamens are 10, shorter than petals; filaments linear, up to 1.7 cm long. Berries are almost spherical or pear-shaped, obscurely 2-lobed, about 2 cm across, glandular, yellowish when ripe with remnants of the eccentrically placed style; seeds several, flat, compressed, large. Andaman Climbing Orange is found in the coastal and inland forests of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Flowering: May-August.

Identification credit: N Arun Kumar Photographed in Middle Andaman.

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