Andaman Bladder Orchid
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Andaman Bladder Orchid
P Native Photo: Aditya Gadkari
Common name: Andaman Bladder Orchid
Botanical name: Pomatocalpa maculosum subsp. andamanicum    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Cleisostoma andamanicum, Pomatocalpa andamanicum

Andaman Bladder Orchid is a tree-dwelling orchid with stem as thick as a goose quill. Leaves are very leathery, recurved, obtusely unequally 2-lobed, 10-15 x 1.2-2 cm, strap-like. Flower-cluster stalk is 12-17 cm long, equalling or longer than the leaves. Flowers are small, pale greenihs-yellow with a purple band within the margin. Lip is yellow, lateral sepal 3.3-3.8 mm long; dorsal sepal 3.4-4.2 mm long; petals 2.8-3.1 x 1.3-1.8 mm, spur cylindric, spotted with red. Andaman Bladder Orchid is native to E. Himalaya to Philippines and Andaman & Nicobar.

Identification credit: Aditya Gadkari, Pankaj Kumar Photographed in South Andaman.

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