Zebra Aphelandra   
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Zebra Aphelandra
P Introduced Photo: Vinay Thite
Common name: Zebra Aphelandra, Zebra plant
Botanical name: Aphelandra squarrosa    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)
Synonyms: Aphelandra coccinea, Aphelandra leopoldii

Zebra Aphelandra is a popular garden plant which is grown for its flower bracts and dark green leaves with prominent white colored veins. The flowers look similar to other bract type flower heads and grow cone shaped at the tips of a stem with small flowers that grow out of the bract. The flower bract will last for up to about 6 weeks and the small yellow flowers that grow from the bract last for about a week. The bract is the real attraction rather than the small flowers. The plant displays lovely dark glossy green leaves with prominent whitish colored veins. These leaves grow to about 9 inches long and a few inches wide within the center of the leaf, and they have pointed tips. Zebra Aphelandra is native to Atlantic Forest vegetation of Brazil. This plant is often used as a house plant.

Identification credit: Vinay Thite Photographed in Maharashtra.

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