Wild Privet   
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Wild Privet
ative Photo: R. Vijayasankar
Common name: Wild Privet, Tree privet • Hindi: dadia, cher, cheri • Khasi: dieng jaburit, dieng tyrthialieh, dieng tyrthia synrang
Botanical name: Lindera pulcherrima    Family: Lauraceae (Laurel family)

Wild Privet is a shrubs or small tree, 1-10 m tall. Twigs are conspicuously white-speckled. Leaves are ovate to lanceolate, to 3 in. long, acute at apex and base, entire, glabrous, with parallel nerves. Flowers are born in panicles, 4-6 inches long. Flower-stalks are 0-2 mm. Sepal cup is 1 mm. Flowers are 4-5 mm long, tube about as long as the petals. Stamens are nearly reaching tip of petals - anthers are 1.5-1.8 mm. Fruit is black, kidney-shaped or long obovoid, 7-10 x 3-6 mm, curved.

Identification credit: R. Vijayasankar
Photographed in Manipur.
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