Walking Iris   
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Walking Iris
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Walking Iris, Apostle's Iris
Botanical name: Neomarica gracilis    Family: Iridaceae (Iris family)

This is an unusual member of the Iris family. It is called Walking Iris because, once the flower has faded, the heavy seed pod bends to the ground and starts a new plant. For that reason it is said to be walking across a garden. The flowers are beautiful and interesting too. Three bright white petals pop open to reveal their inner segments of electric blue and yellow. The 2 inch flower is on a pendulous soft stem that will reach 3 ft in length, drooping down and away from rigid, shiny, 2x3' sword-shaped leaves. The botanical name Neomarica is in honor of a mythological water nymph, Marica. Walking Iris is native to central America.

Photographed at Imphal, Manipur.
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