Velvety Melon Featherfoil   
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Velvety Melon Featherfoil
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Velvety Melon Featherfoil, downy melon featherfoil • Malayalam: ചതക്കടന്വ് cathakkatanv • Nepali: कालि काठ kaalikaath
Botanical name: Glochidion heyneanum    Family: Phyllanthaceae (Amla family)
Synonyms: Glochidion velutinum, Phyllanthus nepalensis

Velvety Melon Featherfoil is a small tree or large shrub up to 9 m with sflattened branches and leaves. Bark is brown, rough. Wood is brownish- white, soft. All parts are evenly to densely whitish- to rusty-velvety. Leaf-stalks are 2-3 mm long. Leaves are elliptic-ovate to elliptic-oblong, 5-10 x 2-6 cm, pointed or shortly obtusely long-pointed, wedge-shaped or rounded-wedge-shaped at the base. Male flowers are carried on slender stalks 5-9 mm long. Sepals are 6, oblong-lanceshaped, 2-3 mm long, blunt, thick, yellow. Stamen-column (of 3 fused sessile anthers) is 1.5 mm high, with 3 separate conical produced connectives, yellow. Female flowers are carried on stalks 1-2 mm long, extending to 4-6 mm in fruit. Sepals are shorter than the male sepals, green, otherwise similar to them, persistent. Ovary is 4-7-celled, 8-14-lobed, 1 mm diameter. Styles are fused into a column 1.5 x 1 mm, 4-7-toothed at the apex, pubescent, not or scarcely enlarging in fruit. Fruit is depressed-globose to discoid, 8-14-lobed, 4 x 10 mm, evenly velvety with the style persistent in the depression. Seeds irregularly obovoid, 3-4 x 4-5 mm, smooth, shiny, red, often remaining attached to the axis after the splitting of the fruit. Flowering: May-July.

Identification credit: Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Photographed near Anmod, Karnataka.
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