Tridax Daisy   
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Tridax Daisy
aturalized ovate Photo: Shaista Ahmad
Common name: Tridax Daisy, Coat Buttons, Mexican Daisy • Hindi: Khal-muriya, Tal-muriya • Tamil: Vettukkaaya-thalai • Telugu: Gaddichamanthi • Kannada: Sanna gida • Nepali: हुसुरे झार Husure Jhaar, पुतली झार Putalee Jhaar, कुरकुरे झार Kurakura Jhaar, रम्ने झार Ramne Jhaar • Rajasthani: Larde olapsi
Botanical name: Tridax procumbens    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

This pretty daisy-like flower is very common all over the plains of northern India. Tridax daisy stands about 30-60 cm high and has slightly hairy stems. The leaves are ovate or lanceolate with toothed edges. The small creamy or white flower has five petals which are notched on the outer edges. The centre of the flower is yellow. This plant has flowers all the year around, but from May to December is the time that it is fully in bloom. It is found along paths, roadsides and in the crevices of walls and rocks. It is a great favourite with low flying butterflies. In the areas where there is a great concentration of these flowers one will find plenty of butterflies too. Its fruit is a hard achene covered with stiff hairs and having a feathery, plumelike white pappus at one end. Calyx is represented by scales or reduced to pappus.

Identification credit: Shaista Ahmad Photographed in Delhi.

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