Split Leaf Sopubia   
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Split Leaf Sopubia
ative Photo: Rushabh Chaudhari
Common name: Split Leaf Sopubia
Botanical name: Sopubia trifida    Family: Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family)
Synonyms: Gerardia scabra, Gerardia sopubia

Split Leaf Sopubia is an erect annual herb, 40-90 cm tall. Stems are much branched, angled. Leaves are opposite or sometimes upper leaves alternate. Lower leaves are dissected into narrow segments. Upper leaves are undivided. Leaf blade linear, 3-6 cm, with entire margin. Flowers arise in racemes. Bracts are up to 1 cm long. Flower stalk is about 1 cm, slender. There are 2, needle-like bracteoles, near tip of the stalk. Sepals are triangular, wider than long. Flowers are yellow to purple, with a tube about 3 mm, and circular-obovate petals, about 5 mm, with rounded tips. Filaments are flattened. Capsule is round, hairless, almost as long as or shorter than persistent sepals. Style is persistent. Split Leaf Sopubia is found in the Western Ghats and the Himalayas. Flowering: October.

Identification credit: Dinesh Valke Photographed in Maharashtra.

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