Smooth Mistletoe   
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Smooth Mistletoe
aturalized Photo: Shaista Ahmad
Common name: Smooth Mistletoe, Bald Mistletoe, Yellow Mistletoe, Orange-flowered mistletoe
Botanical name: Dendrophthoe glabrescens    Family: Loranthaceae (Mistletoe family)
Synonyms: Loranthus vitellinus var. glabrescens

Smooth Mistletoe is a parasitic shrub, usually found growing on species of Bottlebrush family. This mistletoe is spreading to pendent, smooth or inflorescence axes and ovary sparsely hairy with white hairs. External runners usually present. Leaves are alternate or almost, usually lanceshaped to elliptical, 3–19 cm long, 1–5 cm wide, tip rounded, base narrow, leathery, venation distinct or obscure except for prominent midrib. Leaf stalks are 3–25 mm long. Flowers are borne in clusters of 5–20 flowers. Flower-stalks are 3–5 mm long, bracts 1.5–2 mm long. Flowers are curved yellow to reddish, 2–5 cm long, the 5 segments are partly fused. Fruit is ovoid, 1–1.5 cm long, yellow to red. Smooth Mistletoe is native to Australia - seems to have naturalized in parts of South India.

Photographed at Devarayana Durga, Karnataka.
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