Sickle Bush   
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Sickle Bush
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Sickle Bush • Hindi: कुणाली Kunali, ख़ैरी khairi, वीर तरु Veerataru • Marathi: दुरंगी बबूल Durangi babool, सिगम काठी Sigam kathi • Tamil: Veduttalam • Malayalam: Vitattal • Telugu: Nellajammi • Kannada: Odavinaha, Vaduvarada gida • Oriya: Khoiridya • Gujarati: Mordundiyun, Marud • Sanskrit: Vellantaru, Viradru
Botanical name: Dichrostachys cinerea    Family: Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family)
Synonyms: Cailliea glomerata, Dichrostachys glomerata, Mimosa cinerea

Sickle bush is a beautiful, small Mimosa-related tree, growing up to 8 m tall. It has bipinnate leaves, 4-8 cm long, 5 to 15 pairs of pinnae, each with 12 to 30 pairs of leaflets. It blooms with beautiful bottle-brush like flower heads which are half pink and half yellow. The rear pink part fades to white with time. The buds look like beautiful pink and yellow mulberry fruits. The fruit-pod is narrowly oblong, variously curved and/or coiled, 5-7 cm long, 0.8-1.5 cm wide, blackish, glabrous. Sickle bush is native to India, SE Asia, Africa and Northern Australia. Flowering: June-August.

Photographed in Niti Bagh, Delhi.
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