Rose Sandalwood   
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Rose Sandalwood
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Rose Sandalwood • Marathi: Parjamb • Tamil: Yedalei, Idalai Koli, Koli Payar • Kannada: Edale, Bilisarali, Parrjamb • Nepali: Kala kikone
Botanical name: Olea dioica    Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family)

Rose Sandal Wood is a tree up to 15 m tall, native to the Indian subcontinent. The bark is grey, smooth. Oblong-elliptic leaves are pointed at both the ends, 7-12 cm long. They are hairless, leathery, with margins which are either distantly serrate (with strong teeth) or entire. Panicles of flowers are oppositely arranged, and spring out in branchlets below the leaves. Flowers are small, greenish white, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. The fleshy fruit is circular, purplish. This tree is found in the Khandala and Mahabaleshwar region of Maharashtra. Flowering: December-March.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale & Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Photographed in Chandoli forest, Maharashtra.
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