Ramdhan Champa   
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Ramdhan Champa
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Ramdhan Champa, Golden champak, Mickey Mouse Plant • Hindi: रामधन चम्पा Ramdhan Champa • Kannada: Ramatana champaka • Telugu: Sunari, Tammi, Erra Juvvi, Kukkamovi • Tamil: Kalkuruvi, Chilanti
Botanical name: Ochna obtusata     Family: Ochnaceae (Ramdhan Champa family)
Synonyms: Ochna squarrosa

This native of East India is a woody shrub or a small tree with glossy leaves. It has attractive yellow flowers, followed by seeds surrounded by bright red sepals. The bright red seed cup is as attractive as the flowers. The seeds are initially green, but turn jet black later. With some imagination, the red seed cup looks like the face of the Disney cartoon character Micky Mouse! Infact, some cousins of this plant are called Mickey Mouse plant. Propagation is by seeds, which grow quickly, or by cuttings from hard wood, which are slower.

Identification credit: Rajendra Shinde & Navendu Pagé
Photographed in Sundar Nursery, Delhi.
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