Pretty Blue Poppy   
Foto info
Pretty Blue Poppy
ative Photo: Thomas Kornack
Common name: Pretty blue poppy
Botanical name: Meconopsis bella    Family: Papaveraceae (poppy family)

The species name bella means pretty, and this is indeed a pretty Himalayan blue poppy. It is a tufted perennial plant often growing in rock cervices, with thick taproot carrying throny old leaf stalks. There are no leaves on the stem - leavesn the base are variable - they can be entire or lobed, hairless or bristly-haired. Beautiful flowers are pale blue, purple or pink, somewhat nodding, born singly on slender stems which are upto 20 cm. Petals are 1.5-3 cm long, with undulate margins. Numerous stamens have dark purple filaments with golden-yellow anthers. Found at altitudes of 3500-5000 m.

Photographed in North Sikkim.

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