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ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Medhshingi • Hindi: Hawar • Marathi: मेढ़शिंगी Medhshingi, भेड़सींग Bhersing • Tamil: Kadalatti, Kaliyacha, Kattuvarucham • Malayalam: Attulottappala, Nirpponnalyam • Telugu: Chittiniruvoddi, Chittivoddi • Kannada: Godmurki, Muduvudure, Udure • Oriya: Mrigosingo • Sanskrit: Mesasrnga, Visanika
Botanical name: Dolichandrone falcata    Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)
Synonyms: Spathodea falcata

Medhshingi is a small deciduous tree with bluish-gray bark, peeling in irregular woody scales. Leaves are compound, 3-6 inches long. Leaflets are 5-7, obovate, or round elliptic, sometimes with a small blunt point. Leaflet blade is about 1.2 cm long and wide. Flowers are white, borne in mostly 1-3 flowered corymbs. Flower stalk is 1/2 inch long. Sepal tube is 1.2-2 cm, split on one side to the base. Flower petals are frilly. Capsules are nearly quadrangular, curved like a sickle. The ca[sules look like curved sheep horns, hence the common name Medhshingi. This tree grows some what slowly even in the best soils. It is very hardly and drought resistent and fit for propagating in the driest localities. Flowering: May-June.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale
Photographed at Sagar Upavan, Mumbai.
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