Leafy Meadow-Rue   
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Leafy Meadow-Rue
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Leafy Meadow-Rue • Hindi: Mamera • Nepali: बजरा Bajaraa, बन्सुली Bansulee, छाते Chhaate, दाम्पाती Daampaatee, ममिरा Mamiraa, पेन्याले Penyaale, दामपाते Daamapaatee
Botanical name: Thalictrum foliolosum    Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)

Once upon a time, the newborn infant was placed upon a pillow filled with Meadow-Rue to ensure a prosperous life. Thalictrum means “to flourish,” and it does, with elegant foamlike sprays that resemble Baby’s Breath, and rounded, finely cut, compound foliage. Leaves are broader than long, deeply rounded lobed, lobes with rounded teeth. Flowers yellowish white, tinged with pink, in lax branched clusters at the end of branches. It is used in several eye disorders.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess Photographed in Bhyundar Valley, Uttarakhand.

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