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aturalized Photo: Tabish
Common name: Lantana • Manipuri: সম্বল লৈ Samballei, Nongballei, থীরৈ Thirei • Hindi: Raimuniya राईमुनिया • Nepali: मसिनो काँडा, Masino Kaandaa वन फन्दा Van Phandaa • Tamil: உன்னிச்செடி Unnichedi • Marathi: Tantani तणतणी, Ghaneri घाणेरी • Kannada: Kakke, Natahu • Telugu: Pulikampa
Botanical name: Lantana camara var. aculeata    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)

Common lantana is a rugged evergreen shrub from the tropics. The species will grow to 6 ft high and may spread to 8 ft in width with some varieties able to clamber vinelike up supports to greater heights with the help of support. The leaves are 2-5 in long by 1-2 in wide with rounded tooth edges and a textured surface. Stems and leaves are covered with rough hairs and emit an unpleasant aroma when crushed. The small flowers are held in clusters (called umbels) that are typically 1-2 in across. Flower color ranges from white to yellow, orange to red, pink to rose in unlimited combinations, in addition the flowers usually change in color as they age. A lantana may look orange from a distance but the flowerhead is examined at close range it consists of individual white, yellow and red flowers that blend when viewed from afar.
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