Kolar Cage-Flower   
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Kolar Cage-Flower
ative Photo: Sushant More
Common name: Kolar Cage-Flower
Botanical name: Brachystelma kolarenses    Family: Apocynaceae (Oleander family)

Kolar Cage-Flower is na erect tuberous herb, 8-15 cm long, tubers flattened or ovate, fleshy, brownish, 2.5-5 cm across. Flowers are 5-petalled, petals 4-5 mm long, narrow, pointed, fused at tip; margins recurved at base so as to expose the corona. Flowers are purple spotted outside and purplish-black within; brancts linear 1-3 mm long, falling off; flower-stalks 2-4 mm long, finely velvet-hairy; calyx 5-partite divided upto two thirds way down, velvet-hairy outside, hairless within. Flower are borne in leaf-axils 2-flowered cymes; flower-cluster-stalks 4 mm long. Stems are erect, unbranched with watery sap, sparingly velvet-hairy. Leaves are nearly stalkless, 2-3 paired; blade 1.8-4.5 x 0.1-1.5 cm, ovate-oblong to ovate-lanceshaped, tip tapering, base wedge-shaped, hairless above, finely velvet-hairy beneth, more on the midrib.

Identification credit: Sharad Kamble Photographed in Pune & Malvan, Maharashtra.

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