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ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Orange Jasmine, Chinese box • Hindi: Kamini कामिनी • Manipuri: কামিনী কুসুম Kamini kusum • Tamil: வெங்காரை Vengarai • Telugu: Nagagolungu • Marathi: कुन्ती Kunti • Kannada: Kadu karibevu • Malayalam: Maramulla • Nepali: कामिनी फूल Kaamimi Phool, सिमाली Simaali, बजरदन्ते Bajaradante
Botanical name: Murraya paniculata    Family: Rutaceae (citrus family)
Synonyms: Murraya exotica

Kamini flowers have an aromatic orange-like fragrance. Native to India, Kamini is a large, multi-trunked shrub, but can grow to become a small tree. It can be pruned and also grown as garden hedge! The evergreen leaflets are dark green and pinnately compound with three to nine leaflets arranged alternately along the spine. The dark green leaves make a dramatic backdrop for the highly fragrant cream colored flowers. The shrub blooms most of the year. The flowers are followed by small oval red fruits with one or two seeds. The shrub is usually propagated from seed.

Photographed in Delhi & Mumbai.

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