Indian Cadaba   
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Indian Cadaba
ative Photo: Srinivasa Babu
Common name: Indian Cadaba • Hindi: kodhab, dabi, kadhab • Marathi: habal, vaelivee • Tamil: Vizhuthi, Adamorinika, Chikondi, Piluka • Telugu: Aadamorinika, Chavukkuttiyanku, chekonadi, Chemudu
Botanical name: Cadaba fruticosa    Family: Capparaceae (Caper family)
Synonyms: Cleome fruticosa

Indian Cadaba is a climbing shrub, height up to 5 m. Oval leaves with rounded tip are arranged alternately on the branches. Flowers usually in terminal racemes, or axillary solitary. Petals 4, clawed. Disk-appendix about as long as the petal claw, tubular, often trumpet shaped, apex generally petaloid and more or less toothed. Stamens 4-6, exserted, spreading; filaments on a short androphore or irregularly fused with the gynophore. Fruit is nearly cylindrical, leathery - internal tissues surrounding the nearly round seeds are often orange coloured. Flowering: January-March.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale
Photographed in Vellore, Tamilnadu.
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