Dzukou Lily   
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Dzukou Lily
ative Photo: Maibam Bobo
Common name: Dzuko lily, Dzukou lily
Botanical name: Lilium chitrangadae      Family: Liliaceae (lily family)

A beautiful and rare species of lily, found only in the Dzuko valley. Dzuko valley is well-hidden among the high mountain ranges on the Manipur-Nagaland border. The endemic Dzukou lily was first identified, in the Dzukou valley, by Hijam Bikramjit of the Life Sciences Department, Manipur University, in the summer of 1991. Bikramjit was part of a Manipur Cultural Integration Conference team that trekked to the valley that summer. Bikramjit named it after his mother. Dzuko lily is similar in appearance to the revered Siroi lily, but is deep pink in color.
Photographed in Dzukou valley, Nagaland-Manipur
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