Colville's Glory   
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Colville's Glory
ntroduced Photo: Ratna Ghosh
Common name: Colville's Glory, Colvillia, Glory Covillea, Ohai, Whip Tree • Hindi: Kilbili किलबिली
Botanical name: Colvillea racemosa    Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)

Colville's Glory is a beautiful, large tree from Madagascar with large pinnate leaves and very conspicuous cylindrical or cone shaped clusters of bright orange flowers that are bright red in bud. The tree grows to a height of 30-50 ft. Its grape-like clusters of velvety buds, varying from chameleon green to blood orange, are a sight to behold. Leaves a double-compound, very similar to those of Gulmohar. Its genus is named for Sir Charles Colville, a former Governor of Mauritius.

Photographed at Rabindra Sarober,Kolkata.
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