Coffee Bush   
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Coffee Bush
P Introduced Photo: Bubai Bera
Common name: Coffee Bush
Botanical name: Breynia oblongifolia    Family: Phyllanthaceae (Amla family)
Synonyms: Melanthesa rhamnoides var. oblongifolia

Coffee Bush is a shrub up to about 3 m, with leaves mostly soft, elliptical to oblong, up to 2 cm. The appearance of the leaves is strongly two-ranked, that is, alternately disposed on opposite sides of the stem. Flowers are not prominent, on the undersides of the stems at the leaf axils, each with a diameter of about 3 mm. Anthers are fused to one another to form a staminal column in the centre of the flower. Tepals are persistent at the base of the fruit. Fruit is about 5-8 mm across, red. The plant regenerates naturally. Coffee Bush is native to Australia.

Identification credit: Bubai Bera Photographed in Chilkigarh, West Bengal.

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