Bush Morning Glory   
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Bush Morning Glory
aturalized Photo: Nitu
Common name: Bush Morning Glory, Morning Glory Tree • Marathi: बेशरम Besharam • Hindi: बेहया Behaya
Botanical name: Ipomoea carnea    Family: Convolvulaceae (morning glory family)

Bush Morning Glory is a shrub which grows to 1-5 m high. Originally from tropical America, it is widely naturalized. The hindi/marathi names besharam/behaya, meaning shameless, referes to its rampant spreading. This relative of the morning glory has similar heart shaped leaves that are a rich green and 6 - 9 inches long. The plants bloom in clusters of 4 inch pink flowers all spring and summer long. As the name suggests, the blooms fade as the sun warms them, just like morning glories - but they are impressive while they last, blooming in large clusters at the ends of the tall branches. Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Photographed in Okhla Pakshi Vihar, Delhi and West Bengal.
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