Blue Oxalis   
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Blue Oxalis
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Blue oxalis, Shamrock pea
Botanical name: Parochetus communis    Family: Fabaceae (pea family)

Blue oxalis is a brilliant blue flower from the Himalayas. From the leaves one could be forgiven for thinking it is a clover but the pea-like flower sets it apart. This little creeper covers itself with bright blue pea-like flowers during the flowering months. The three-part leaves have leaflets which are inverted heart-shaped. Flowers, 1.3-2.5 cm long, stand erect above the leaves. Sepal cup is bell-shaped. This is a tuberous, prostrate perennial that is dormant during the winter. Flowering: May-November.

Photographed in Govindghat, Uttarakhand & Pelling, Sikkim.

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