Big Eggplant   
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Big Eggplant
ative Photo: J. M. Garg
Common name: Big Eggplant, Mullein Nightshade, China flowerleaf, Potato tree, Tobacco tree • Garo: khimkha nagong • Hindi: Akra, बन तमाखू Ban tamakhu • Kannada: kadusonde, kallarthi, savudangi • Khasi: dieng sohmon niangkodong • Malayalam: chunta, erichunta, malanjunta, • Manipuri: লম খামেন Lam khamen • Marathi: kutri • Oriya: vidari • Sanskrit: gandira, pathi, priyamkari, vidari • Tamil: karimulli, mulkathari, sundai, • Telugu: budama, rasagadi, pittu • Nepali: दुर्सूल Dursool
Botanical name: Solanum erianthum    Family: Solanaceae (Potato family)
Synonyms: Solanum verbascifolium

Big Eggplant is an unarmed shrub or small tree, growing up to 4 m tall. Branched are covered with a dense soft, and the can be up to 20 cm in diameter. Leaves are ovate-elliptical, 10-20 cm long, 3.5-15 cm wide, margin slightly wavy, base rounded to wedge-shaped, tip pointed to long pointed. Flowers appear in clusters at the end of branches. Sepal cup is bellashaped, 5 mm long, with ovate sepals. Flowers are star-shaped, about 1.5 cm in diameter, white, anthers oblong, about 2 mm long, opening with apical pores, ovary densely velvety, style 4-6 mm long, hairless. Fruit is round, 8-12 mm in diameter, velvety, dull yellow when ripe. This plant was earlier believed to be S. verbascifolium, which is actually a different species from South America. Flowering: All year.

Identification credit: J. M. Garg
Photographed in Butterfly Park, Hyderabad.
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