Ban Karela   
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Ban Karela
ative Photo: Santosh Khanjodkar
Common name: बन करेला Ban karela (Hindi), करटोली Kartoli (Marathi), Katwal (Gujarati), Avandhya (Assamese), Agakara (Telugu)
Botanical name: Momordica dioica      Family: Cucurbitaceae (pumpkin family)

Ban karela is a large perennial climber which grows up to 3-5 m. Alternately arranged ovate leaves are 3-5 lobed. Yellow flowers are 4-6 cm across, solitary on axillary stalks. Male and female plants are on different plants. Fruit is an ellipsoid, 3-6 cm long, densely covered with soft spines.
Photographed in Maharashtra
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